Saturday, June 14, 2014

crushing on saturday

ootd 6.14.14

I am ridiculously glad it is Saturday! With very few errands and appointments planned, I want/need as much downtime as I can muster. My energy level has been so low the last couple of weeks that I'm seriously wondering if something is going on, or I'm just exhausted. I'm trying some vitamin B12 in the hope that it helps a bit, but sometimes just good rest is needed. As soon as the June Gloom clears, I'm sure it will be a beautiful day.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

ootd 6.1.14 || sunday style

ootd 6.1.14

It boggles my mind that it is already June. Besides the fact that it seems like it's been summer all winter, I can't believe we are already halfway through 2014. It's been busy and is flying by. Already, we have had one college graduation in our house and are looking forward to a high school graduation next week, and then starting the whole thing over again! There are no reprieves where college tuition is concerned! This is my weekend uniform - comfortable and casual. Happy Sunday :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

saturday style: hello sunshine!

ootd 3.15.14

It was a week. Stressful...check. Aggravating...check. Busy....check check. Luckily, all those components together equal five days that flew by. I'm glad it's behind me and have been looking forward to a quiet, relaxing weekend, with temperatures supposedly expected to reach 80. I'm ready for it!

I picked up that baseball tee last weekend at the J. Crew sale, and while I normally gravitate away from hearts, I really loved the colors and lived-in feel (I got the small, and it's still roomy on me). Plus, it was an extra 30% off. Perfect weekend wear.

Today, the husband and I are trying to decide on our adventure for the day. I've been wanting to pop downtown to MOCA, but with this seriously beautiful weather, it seems a shame to spend it indoors. We also have been dying to see the new Wes Anderson movie, but that also entails indoor entertainment. 

Possibly, we'll end up cruising our old standby for lovely day strolling, Abbott Kinney. Maybe grab a quick bite at Gjelina (if we are prepared to wait..) or Abbot's Pizza Company (seriously delish.) Maybe even pop into the local dive bar for a quick old fashioned cocktail before heading home. I think this sounds like a perfect Saturday - enjoy your day as well!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Can I live here, please?

Downtown Los Angeles is enjoying quite the resurrection, what with the newly opened Ace Hotel in the arts district, and all the fantastic restaurants in once sketchy parts (okay, they're still sketchy, but the adventurous foodie in me outweighs the coward).

Herman Miller is showcasing their vast and always amazing collection in the Carondelet House, and you must see it. It is perfection - via Domaine Home.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

sunday style

sunday style

Well, we've sprung forward this morning, signaling the eventual coming of spring. I have to admit, it's been spring all winter in Southern California. Partially a relief (when seeing what the rest of the country is dealing with) and partially disturbing (more than partially actually) when thinking about our drought situation and what is to come if the climate doesn't cooperate. 

Sundays are my favorite days. My errands have all been done, all that's left is marketing and laundry, and a lot of relaxing, usually with a book, my iPad or watching pay-preview. Comfort is key, and I will usually be found in some combination of the above outfit. Enjoy the extended daylight! 
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