Friday, March 4, 2011

it's like driving to mojave.

this is my quote. it does have actual roots, and it did really happen...

a long, long time ago, my (then) boyfriend and i used to drive to mammoth, usually leaving near midnight, so we would arrive as the sun was rising and the slopes were opening. it was crazy. sometimes we were high, and driving out of l.a. would take forever. after we passed mojave, the drive went fairly quick, but it seemed like everytime i'd say something like, 'we've been driving forever, and we aren't even in mojave yet'.

many years have gone by, many experiences have happened, but whenever we are on a long drive, instead of saying 'are we there yet?', one of us would inevitably say, 'are we in mojave yet?'.

that's how we roll.

i used to be an entrepreneur; i had a business for 11 years designing and selling women's accessories and i blogged nearly everyday for 6 years. blogging gets consuming, and i stopped about 2 years ago, just before i formally closed my business. sometimes i miss it, which is why i've come here. i didn't want to continue in the old space because that's not who i am anymore.

what i am: wife to 1; mother to 3; i now work full time for a high end custom furniture and mid century restoration company. it's very cool.

this is a personal blog. about life 25 years later; be happens in a blink.
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