Saturday, February 23, 2013

More from Palm Springs Modernism: Prefab Showcase

While in Palm Springs last weekend, we visited the Pre-Fab Showcase, and the Modern Living Expo was filled with all sorts of vendors and manufacturers I wasn't familiar with. Lots of gorgeous home ware, furniture (including covetable outdoor pieces) and lighting vendors. Here are some of my favorites.

Modology is based in Cincinnati, and specializes in custom storage pieces with colored lucite doors. I love the clean, minimalist lines, and those colored doors add a great pop of color.

Semi-Handmade is a brilliant concept of buying simple Ikea cabinet boxes (think kitchen, bathroom, office, etc.) and then Semi-Handmade will work with you to create a customized door, panel or drawer face measured & drilled to fit your Ikea piece. Genius. 

While I love the idea of houseplants, I have neither the patience nor skill for them. But I love these wall pockets by Urbio, and look on the left side, they can also be used for storage (I'm thinking bathroom, closets, pantry). Winning.

I've been obsessed with good lighting, and phasing out my current collection of chandeliers for simple & functional. whyRhymer has a beautiful collection of not only handmade lighting, but furniture as well. I'm crushing on this Manhattan lamp in orange.

Of course the actual Prefab Showcase was great; they're doing such amazing things with modular units, and these aren't the tacky mobile home design of yesteryear!

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