Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yay or Nay: a clear take on Eames

I work for a local high-end custom furniture manufacturer. We also handle classic modern restorations, and honestly, that is one of my favorite aspects of the job. I love seeing the vintage pieces that have been handed down to sons and daughters (sometimes, oftentimes, neglected over the years) come in in dire need of TLC, and we can completely transform it back to its' original splendor. Nothing beats seeing the expression on the clients faces when they come back to pick up the finished piece.

One of my favorite pieces is the Eames LCW chair. It's definitely on my list of covetable items; there's just something about the casual nuance there, sitting in the corner of a bedroom, completely unassuming, but always practical and beautiful. I just came across a clear version of this chair, reminiscent of Philippe Starck's ghost chair, but wrong. Just, wrong. Thoughts? Am I alone on this? I hope not.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Easy Vegan Pizza

The new shift in my lifestyle has been to cut out avoid sugar, dairy, processed flour and meat. This has been a gradual adjustment, over the last year and a half, in my quest to eat clean. I have chronic back pain, and discovered that eliminating foods that cause inflammation is very helpful. I say avoid, as opposed to cut out because my one concession is fish that I will eat on occasion (especially our weekly sushi date!). My family has been incredibly understanding and accommodating, and this past weekend, my amateur pizza chef husband made his famous crust. We always cook the pizzas on our Weber kettle barbecue outside - you can get the coals super hot, creating the perfect pizza oven.

I dressed mine with no sauce or cheese, just a simple brushing of olive oil on the crust and then piled it with fresh organic arugula, organic roasted grape tomatoes (halved) and roasted cauliflower. Next time I think I'll add a drizzle of chili oil to give it a kick.

So easy. So delicious.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thinking about: Pink Skimmer Pant

Thinking about: Pink Skimmer Pant

I'm kinda crushing on these pink skimmer pants from J. Crew Factory. They're marked down just a tad right now, but I'm wondering if I can work them into my wardrobe with what I already have (confession: the flamingo tee shirt is also in my shopping cart. Because, hello? FLAMINGOS!). I must have at least 6 pairs of the skimmer pant already in different colors. They are so comfy, actually fit me without alterations, and are perfect for work. Pink is a little out of my comfort zone, but I think they're so cute. Thoughts?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

More from Palm Springs Modernism: Prefab Showcase

While in Palm Springs last weekend, we visited the Pre-Fab Showcase, and the Modern Living Expo was filled with all sorts of vendors and manufacturers I wasn't familiar with. Lots of gorgeous home ware, furniture (including covetable outdoor pieces) and lighting vendors. Here are some of my favorites.

Modology is based in Cincinnati, and specializes in custom storage pieces with colored lucite doors. I love the clean, minimalist lines, and those colored doors add a great pop of color.

Semi-Handmade is a brilliant concept of buying simple Ikea cabinet boxes (think kitchen, bathroom, office, etc.) and then Semi-Handmade will work with you to create a customized door, panel or drawer face measured & drilled to fit your Ikea piece. Genius. 

While I love the idea of houseplants, I have neither the patience nor skill for them. But I love these wall pockets by Urbio, and look on the left side, they can also be used for storage (I'm thinking bathroom, closets, pantry). Winning.

I've been obsessed with good lighting, and phasing out my current collection of chandeliers for simple & functional. whyRhymer has a beautiful collection of not only handmade lighting, but furniture as well. I'm crushing on this Manhattan lamp in orange.

Of course the actual Prefab Showcase was great; they're doing such amazing things with modular units, and these aren't the tacky mobile home design of yesteryear!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Palm Springs Modernism Week

What better way to celebrate a mid-century birthday (yes, really) than with a visit to Palm Springs Modernism Week? This has been on my to-do list for several years, and we decided this would be the year we made it happen. We rented a spectacular mid-century modern Alexander house for 4 days, and to say it was a perfect weekend would be the biggest understatement. Some close friends joined us, and we spent our days enjoying the sunshine, window shopping, eating at some spectacular new-to-us restaurants, and taking in some of the fun events they have planned during this 10 day modernist showcase. One of the tours we loved was a walking tour of the Vista Las Palmas neighborhood, which in the 40's & 50's was home to many celebrities, including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Peter Lawford, Sidney Sheldon, and many others. Here are some of the beauties:

 Color abounds everywhere - I loved the orange door!

This was too perfect with the vintage Avanti in the driveway.

My favorite house: the owners don't quite know it yet, but this will be mine.

A typical Swiss Miss mid-century A-frame.

By far one of the most beautiful, most inspiring, was Kaufmann House. Designed by Richard Neutra in 1946, and later restored to its' original splendor by Marmol Radziner. Everything about this house is gorgeously appointed. Against the backdrop of the San Jacinto mountains, it is amazing. I certainly envy the current owners.

Here are some interior/exterior shots via Marmol Radziner - who couldn't get used to this?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Pick

Palm Springs Modernism Weekend

Confession: I'm not a romantic. Valentine's Day is not one of my favorite holidays. I dislike it because it is so commercial, and can sometimes lead to such a let down. Restaurants are crowded, service is terrible, and men try too hard. 

This year we are going to be in Palm Springs for Modernism Weekend, so Valentine's Day will be spent away, which is sort of nice (I know I'm contradicting myself here). Since we'll be braving the restaurant crowd on that pseudo holiday, and I'm dying to go to The Parker, I'll definitely be dressing it up a little underneath. The little Stella McCartney number is my new favorite, and a little something my Mr. gifted to me last week for my mid-century (yes!) birthday. I can't wait to wear it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Upgrading the camera strap

There was a time when my DSLR traveled with me wherever I went. These days, not so much. Especially now that I have my trusty iPhone, with it's superb camera and endless filtering apps, there's much less need. And since I no longer blog daily, it's just not a necessity.

I do, however, still love a good camera strap, and while I switched out the Nikon strap that came with it, I've decided it's high time for a new one. I've been crushing on the canvas & leather Lima Strap by Ona Bags (1), but it's on backorder, and I'm not known for my patience. In a nod towards all things handcrafted and supporting small business, I found this cool strap by LeBob on Etsy (2), but didn't like the narrowness of it. I considered the old-school, bohemian strap I found on Amazon (3), which was a great price, but I worried that the style would bore me after a while.

In the end, after searching for weeks (yes, seriously), I found a classic leather camera strap (handcrafted, no less!) by Heavy Leather in NYC (4). It has just the right amount of rocker-chick coolness and classic style. And I'm positive that leather will age to perfection. Score!
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