Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday style

ootd 3.30.13

This is today. I'm finally over the everlasting cold and have the energy to really enjoy a typical Saturday. I need to get out of the house and check out some sales and stores that I've hankering over for the last two weeks. I know, first world problems. In no particular order:
  • I'm so in love with these skimmer jeans, I might go pastel or floral - haven't decided yet.
  • I could get lost in this store for hours, but I think I might pick this up and see what all the hoopla is about.
  • Thinking about a white blazer for spring/summer and this one might fit the bill.
  • Boost my healthy streak with a fresh green juice from here.
  • While I'm there, I'll pick up some things to grill tonight.
  • And finally, get back in the swing of things with a visit to my favorite elliptical at the gym.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Swoonworthy: Elva Fields

I was going through my bookmarks, many of which I've forgotten about when I stumbled upon Elva Fields. I remember finding that site a few years ago and just going page by page, peeking at each lovely creation, and planning my line of attack. I purchased a pair of simple earrings (that I've worn quite a bit over the years), but never I did pull the trigger on one of the gorgeous necklaces. Here's a few that stopped me in my tracks recently:

Could you die? And such appropriate names. Which is your favorite? I can't decide!

(images via elva fields)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thinking about: Floral Flats

It's warming up, slowly this year, don't you think? Slower than normal, I think. I live in Southern California, for crying out loud, and I'm still wearing sweaters. I know I shouldn't complain. We have sunshine. We have palm trees. We have sandy beaches that we can enjoy year round.

When I was younger (about 1 or 2 years ago), I loved the cold weather. I could't wait to bundle up. Now that I'm older (ahem), I'm ready for the warm weather. Before you know it, I'll be driving a golf cart in the desert.

I digress. I've been seeing a lot of floral flats lately, and surprisingly, I'm thinking they may become a spring staple for me.

I love these flats by Madewell - the print is fresh & subtle and not all that busy. I don't like busy.
While these Piperlime espadrille flats are busy, they remind me of a beach resort. But I'm not sure I could get used to all that pattern going on. I do like the espadrille idea, however.
These Gap floral flats are a little too little girly for me. And I have found Gap flats to be slightly flimsy and poorly made. No go.

Toms? I love the Toms business model, but I can't get past how ugly they are.

What do you think? Too girly? Too flirty? Too flimsy? Floral flats for spring - yay or nay?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Updating the decor

I've been wanting to redecorate for some time now. I'm over the light wood and pine we chose years ago, and even the colored walls are losing their appeal. My taste has veered to more modern and clean lines, darker wood showcased off of clean white walls, with pops of color here and there (that can be changed easily when the mood strikes). When I saw Emily Henderson's bedroom remake, I decided it's time to stop dreaming and start doing. I love how she used color, and I'm dying over her cobalt blue velvet headboard. 

I think I'll be slowly trying to sell off some pieces on Craigslist and see how we can revamp our space. This is sort of what I'm going after, a bit sedate with little pops.

redecorating ideas

Headboard / Nightstands / Lamps / Accent pillows here & here & here / Bedding

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Wishlist

Gasp. I just came across these Rachel Roy sandals (currently 30% off), via Late Afternoon, and I'm speechless. And I love the way Liz paired them with a completely casual ensemble - the distressed jeans and simple white top just let the shoes make the outfit pop. How can I possibly justify these?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekend Wear

Weekend Wear

This has definitely been one of those weeks. I don't get sick often (like, never) but I got hit hard this week. I've pretty much been home all week, with the exception of Wednesday when I thought I had left it all behind me. Not so fast, my sinuses said to me yesterday morning on the way to the office. I promptly made a u-turn and spent the rest of the day in bed. I'm feeling better today and am going to try again for the office!

So to say I'm ready for the weekend is an understatement. There's going to be a lot of relaxing and I'm going to tone down my usual stack of errands. The big outing will probably only be for a much needed mani/pedi (hence the sandals, even though it is warming up nicely, I'm still not ready for foot bearing season). 
  1. Distressed jeans: I've actually recently taken an old pair and distressed them myself. I'm going to share them very soon. If you don't have a nicely broken in pair, these are quite nice.
  2. Belt: Getting my animal in there.
  3. White tee: I have a stack of white & black tee shirts that I wear constantly.
  4. Cardigan: a nice bright hue to hopefully jump me out of this sickness funk.
  5. Sandals: it's almost time! I'm going to invest in a new pair and am trying to decide between these Tory Burch, or a pair of Jack Rogers.
  6. Tote: It's so grab and go, and I love the simple color block styles that Gap is using right now.
  7. Jewelry: I always wear a watch, always. Even if I never leave the house. Also, I love these earrings and the bracelet is a no-brainer.
And I'll hopefully make some time for PayPreview and catching up on some award season flicks we didn't get to see in the theater. I'm so looking forward to a recharge & reset. What about you? Any big plans?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

An intimate look: Kaufmann House

Remember my trip last month to Palm Springs for Modernism Week? And my obsession with the amazing and gorgeous Kaufmann House? Mid-Century Modern Freak was given access to these incredible photos taken by the current owner, Brent Harris, that totally capture the moodiness and drama of the location, set against the San Jacinto mountains (at sunrise, I believe). I'm in love with it more than ever.

The entire post can be found here. Photos via Brent Harris for Mid-Century Modern Freak.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Currently Coveting: Barney's shopping spree

This is what I love about the internet - endless window shopping. I've been home sick for the last couple of days, and to entertain myself (I'm not a t.v. watcher) I've been virtually walking up and down the drives, shopping bags swinging (or, am I covertly handling them to my houseboy waiting with the Aston at the curb? Yes. That.)

It's so much easier to shop virtually for me. First, I really don't like to be bothered when I shop. And second, I don't like to be ignored (on principle) when I walk into Barney's. It happens! Here's what I've added to my favorites:

A ladybag. Specifically, the 3.1 Phillip Lim Medium Pashli Satchel. Gorg. I'm torn between this and a Celine (because, I have a choice to make here). I'd love a bag that is structured and proper, simple and classic. In a penny pinch, I'd also think about this or this. {Shhh.They're more my budget.}

What girl doesn't want a pair of Louboutin's? I'm thinking I could almost get away with this purchase. My husband wouldn't mind. Not one bit. Of course, I'd have to wear them...
I love these Oliver Peoples peepers. They are very similar to a pair of Kate Spade sunnies that I already own, but I've been considering these which are closer to the Peoples (I'm in love with tortoise for the warmer days ahead).

This is completely splurge-worthy. A candle. Albeit, an expensive candle, but I can justify an expensive candle because the atmosphere really affects me. Meaning, smells. And I love candles. And I love roses.

So, who else fantasy shops?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trending: Patterned Pants

It's hard to not notice that printed/patterned pants are way big right now. They pose quite the conundrum for me; on the one hand, I love them. They're (mostly) very cute; can be dressed up or down; elevate jeans to another level; and are just plain fun. On the other hand, why would I want to bring attention to my lower half? Granted, it's the half of my body that I work the most, but still, it's far from svelte and perfect.

That said, I've fallen. Hard. And while there are plenty of printed jeans that are beyond bright and loud, I think I've fallen for the Printed Skimmer at the Gap.

Why? I'm glad you asked.

First, I have a strange lower half. Tiny waist, bigger hips. This means almost every pair of pants I buy need to be altered. Which I don't mind, because since discovering this little trick, I'm in love with the way pants fit when they fit properly. It's mind blowing.

Second, these skimmers fit (albeit a little large in the waist) without alterations. I could get them altered, but I haven't yet (still might, but can deal with a helpful belt).

Third, and most important, the patterns aren't screaming. They're toned down.

Fourth, (I thought I was done), and equally important, they are affordable. Even not on sale (and let's face it, Gap has a sale every week, so it pays to wait), I can deal with $69. I don't live in jeans anymore and refuse to pay $200 for this trend (regular jeans, maybe. trend, no.).

I bought the camo jeans a few weeks ago and have worn them every weekend since. (Note: camo's in the set below are Elizabeth & James, only because I made this set before I found the jeans at Gap.)

ootd 3.3.13

camo jeans: Gap / sunnies: Madewell  / tee shirt: J. Crew / sweater: J. Crew / belt: similar / shoes: J. Crew / earrings: Modcloth  / bracelets: asos & jeweliq (old) / watch: Michael Kors (similar)

I just got the navy polka dots (and they were 30% off!) and I've already styled them for spring. (Once again, I'm using another pant here because I don't like to use modeled items in sets. The Gap dots are not so white, they're more sedate.)

sweater: J. Crew Factory / shirt: J. Crew Factory / jeans: Gap / earrings: Kate Spade / necklace: J. Crew Factory / shoes: J. Crew / watch: Michael Kors (similar) / bracelet: Kate Spade (old)

These candy-colored hues are a little out of my comfort zone. But I figured I'm already out of the comfort zone on the lower half, so why not live a little and amp up the upper half? I think it's perfect for spring, and who isn't ready for that?

The Glitter Guide has a post on how to wear floral pants, with some great ideas. 

And, oh look. The Gap has a floral skimmer pant....hmm.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Currently Coveting on Etsy

Wow, there was an era where I spent so much time on Etsy. Towards the tail end of my business, I used it as my main selling venue when I was closing down my website. And besides selling, I did a fair share of buying! I still pop over there regularly to see whats interesting and new, and the talent still astounds me. Some of my recent favorites include:

  1. This simple monogram stationery set. I wish I actually had the time to sit down and write out some correspondence instead of always relying on email, but....
  2. How gorgeous are these gold dripped bowls? They are the perfect accompaniment to yesterdays tea set, no? I'm not sure I would use them in the kitchen, they seem so delicate. Maybe they'd be perfect to hold some bangles and my earrings?
  3. Yes, a day planner. I'm still old school when it comes to planning and lists. Even though I have several list apps, I get way too much satisfaction from crossing out things I have to do and buy. And I like that this is undated; that means I could actually skip days or weeks when I forget to update. It happens.
  4. I'm dying to redecorate, and especially eager to get rid of my old farmhouse style dining room table and French country chairs. I'd replace them with these amazing Danish chairs. I'd even drive up to San Francisco to pick them up. Road trip!
  5. I love the clean lines of this handbag, even if it's hardly local.
  6. These candle holders would look fabulous on my new fantasy Danish dining room table, no?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

This isn't your grandma's tea set

Oh, my. Bopping around the interwebs this on this early Sunday morning, and I came across this post on Design Milk featuring Reiko Kaneko's line of beautiful tea ware. I had long given up the procedure of tea, and in my hurried life started to opt for the speed-style tea (i.e. tea bag, mug, hot water, combine).

Proper tea is a process, and a beautifully relaxing one at that. When I worked from home, I took time every work day to enjoy the practice (and that's exactly what it is, a practice, like yoga), and it does wonders for the mind as well as the body. You can't help but slow down, unwind, and the tension of the day melts away.

This set is simply gorgeous. It appeals to my new minimalist sensitivity - no chintz covered patterns to clutter my senses when I'm trying my absolute best to take a moment and just unwind.

images via.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A good dog

Yesterday we had to put our dear, sweet Candy down. It was a heartbreaking day. She was 13 (maybe 14; I'm sick to my stomach that I can't find her papers) and her health had been declining for some time.  We adopted her when she was a year old from a family in San Dimas (through an ad in the Pennysaver, which was a throwaway paper, and then went online for a while), who had gotten her as a puppy, without any research into the kind of dog she was, her energy level, and how big she would get.

We had just moved into our current house, had a large backyard, and young boys who needed help running off the excess energy that young boys inherently have. One of my favorite memories of Candy is the day we met her.

San Dimas is over an hour away from our home, in the foothills east of Pasadena. The family had 2 small children (one of whom was a little baby) and since they couldn't handle Candy, they left her outside. Off their family room was a patio, and then a chain link fence separated a pool and grass area. That's where Candy lived her days, watching the family and only wanting to be a part of their lives (as most dogs do). When we arrived, she saw us, and started running back and forth across the yard (which was large) doing this excited butt-tuck run that she used to do, jumping into the pool, jumping out, butt-tuck run, repeat. Over and over again. She was completely nuts. We went into the back enclosed area and she almost knocked our youngest (5 at the time) into the pool.

As I was standing there, thinking to myself, there is no way in the world we can bring this dog home with us, she's just way too high strung, we can't handle it, my husband (who had just been standing there observing her) turned to me and said, "Ok, she's perfect, let's do it".

I looked at him, mouth on ground, and said, "Are you crazy?" and he responded, "Look at her. She is a classic Lab. She just needs some training and love." So, we did. And she was perfect. We spent a fortune on training; she immediately became a part of our family, going with us everywhere - camping, hiking, we took her to the dog beach (she loved to swim), to the dog park - but most importantly, she became a integral part of our family. She did not live outside; she lived inside, she slept on our bed, she listened to our problems, she gave us comfort and she was there through thick and thin.

It wasn't long before we realized she had lower body issues; hip dysplasia, pinched nerves & ACL problems. Our vet estimated her life span to be about 10 years if she was lucky. When she was 7, we adopted another dog, Gracie, who is a Golden Retriever (also, once again from someone who did not do their canine homework), and Gracie became Candy's best friend, her sister, and helped keep her active.

The last year has been difficult for Candy. She could no longer climb the stairs; she could get out the doggie door, but not back in; she started having accidents; she became senile. She looked so sad. In the end, my husband found a in-home euthanasia vet, and it was one of the best decisions we've ever made. Since I  had not had pets growing up, and experienced their loss, I had no idea what it would be like. There's no way we could have dealt with the cold, sterile environment of the vets office. Candy was outside, laying on the grass, where she was comfortable and relaxed, and in our arms. Gracie was there. I felt her last breath, all the while telling her how much we loved her and thanking her for coming into our lives and helping our boys become the caring men they are today.

I like to think she's chasing endless thrown tennis balls (something she hasn't been able to do for a few years), eating perfectly barbecued short ribs and sunning herself. Good dog Candy.

Monday, March 11, 2013

ootd 3.11.13

ootd 3.11.13

The day after the start of daylight savings always throw me off. First of all, it was 6 pm last night before I realized it. Not a big deal for most people, but I'm highly scheduled (in a good way, at least in my mind) and I hadn't even given a thought to dinner. Second, I hadn't finished everything I have to do on a Sunday (i.e. laundry, plan the week, pack my workout bag). Third, my evening kept getting pushed back due to the time change and my logic that I had more time in the evening. Wrong. Before I knew it, it was 9 pm and I was scrambling to prepare my outfit for Monday (yes, I plan the night before because I go to the gym at 5:30 am and dress there. Therefore, planning is a must!)

I threw together a old standby: what could go wrong with khakis? And with the warm up we're experiencing, it seemed only proper that they be cropped. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Can't wait for: Stella McCartney optical eyewear

I am a huge fan of Stella McCartney - couture, not so much; but accessories, they're a nice splurge. Lingerie, yes definitely. It's empowering. Yesterday I read that she is releasing a line of optical eyewear, and as an eyeglass wearer, I couldn't be happier. I've been slowly building my optical wardrobe over the years and I can't wait to add a pair. Hoping my opthamologist adds the line in time for my annual visit.

image via

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Ahead: Outdoor Spaces

How is it even possible that we spring ahead tonight? We've had a very dry, but cold (for us) winter and I have to say I think I'm about ready for a little warm up. Last weekend was sunshiny warm, and it was pretty glorious. It's so strange because I used to be about winter, winter, winter all the time (living in Southern California for most of my life and coveting colder climates with actual seasons). I think I've become one of those middle-aged women who crave the warm sunshine of summer. Oh dear. How did that happen?!

In any event, warmer weather means more time outdoors and I love to entertain outdoors. Our backyard is nothing compared to that pretty little image, but once everything starts to bloom, it sure is a nice place to hang out in. Looking forward to: reading on the patio; barbecuing pizzas on the grill; cutting roses for my bedside; harvesting rosemary for bread; planting basil for pesto; and lazy days ahead.

image via

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jonathan Adler to collaborate with JC Penney

This could be major. I read on How About Orange this morning that Jonathan Adler will be soon be selling bedding, bath, home decor and more through JC Penney. Not much else is online, and it's not available in detail yet, but this could be very cool. I bought a set of sheets over the holidays (on clearance) at the JA store in Newport Beach, and they are the most comfortable, softest, smoothest sheets I've owned. I'm wondering if the merch will be Jonathan Adler quality, or JC Penney quality (because there's quite a difference), and am definitely excited to learn more. It's set to release in March 2013 (which is, cough, now), and since I've been craving another set, I'll be sure to report back once I check it out.

(image via)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Outfitting a new office

I'm moving into a new office at the day job, and since I am such a visual person, of course I'm already designing it in my head. I'll be leaving my coveted marble top Florence Knoll desk at the front, and inheriting a regular desk with drawers toward the back. I'll miss my Knoll desk immensely (it's gorgeous), but I'll finally have drawers (a necessity). This is what I'm thinking I need to outfit the new digs:

I'll miss the natural light I currently have, and even though my new office has a window, it still will be lacking some brightness. I'm going to remedy that with some bright desk accessories, like (1) this ruler, (4) these scissors and this (5) awesome Jambox wireless speaker. And really, who doesn't need a set of Le Pens (3)? I'll still be coordinating all the marketing and social networking for the company, but since I really want to amp it up, I plan to use a big calendar (2) to map out our strategy and editorial dates. I'm going to be relinquishing my administrative role and taking on the job of project manager, so I'm going to go old school and invest in a big whiteboard (7) to keep track of all our large scale restoration and manufacturing projects. When that late afternoon slump hits, I'll stave it off with a hot cup of freshly brewed green tea in this double walled cup(6).

I can't wait - it's going to be a big challenge, and I'm really flying by the seat of my pants, but I'm excited.
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